We are not in Kansas anymore.

Remember the disappointment Dorothy felt when Toto pulled back Oz’s curtain?

We feel the same with marketing curtains like PR releases, award ceremonies, bland keynotes etc. When they are pulled back the truth is revealed. This is good if we see actual relevance, reliability, purpose and functionality. Stuff that doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to work so we can build better.

But if we don’t see those because the marketing curtain may be blocking our view, if we don’t see what we have been lead to believe is behind the marketing curtain then trust has been compromised. And everything today is built on trust.

Better to be open, pull the curtain back and say “I’m getting there but it’s a struggle” because we all relate to that. Context matters. If you say that you have the ‘secret sauce’ when you haven’t then it’s hard for your audience to stick around.

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