We are not in Kansas anymore.

Remember the disappointment Dorothy felt when Toto pulled back Oz’s curtain?

I feel the same about marketing curtains, things like PR releases, award ceremonies, bland something yet nothing keynotes, blog posts that say the same thing again and again but in a different bottle.

When the curtain is pulled back the truth is revealed. But we don’t challenge because, well that’s just fuckin’ impolite mate. We are all, me and you, therefore complicit and the show moves on to another town.

On first sight marketing curtains seem compelling. If it’s written by a Prof or some old sage it must be good surely, which is fine if we see actual relevance, reliability, purpose and functionality. Let’s stick our necks out even and maybe ask for something like, I dunno, evidence?

But instead we more often than not are dealt vague and vacuous and we sort of lap it up. It is the stuff of ‘hit and hope.’ And my cynical head can’t help feeling, nice fee for the keynote, travel and expenses included.

If we don’t see what we have been lead to believe then trust has been compromised. And everything today is built on trust. That’s right. Not technology, innovation or efficiency or any of those things that there is an award for but trust.

So please just tell us how it really is because that’s what I want. “I do. I do, I do, I do.”

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