The dog ate my homework

When something goes wrong the easy option is to look for a scapegoat, someone or something else to blame. This mindset starts when we are young, “sorry sir, the dog ate my homework.”

I’ve heard them all and pretty much used them all at one time or another but as my late father once said, “sooner or later you have to look at yourself in the mirror.”

My share is that sooner rather than later is better because if you can’t be open and honest with yourself then you have little chance with anyone else. And in a world that sometimes lacks authenticity being open and honest is bordering on revolutionary.

So next time something goes not to plan take 5-10 minutes and ask yourself some simple questions and be really honest. Remember it’s between you and you, no one else gets to listen in. To help you here is a sample list I use:

  • Did I really do my best?
  • Did I connect?
  • Did I miss something?
  • Did I really care?
  • Did I ask the questions I wanted to?
  • Did they trust me?
  • Did I help them?
  • Did I add value?
  • Did I fully understand their problem?
  • Did I make a difference?

The answer ‘no’ will probably come up a lot when you begin but that’s okay. Now you have something to work with.

Once you are comfortable asking yourself these questions try making it part of your every day routine, not just in work but in your life because it won’t benefit just you, but also all those around you.

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