My name is Jon Busby. Welcome to my site.

There are lots of consultants in the market so what makes me different and more importantly, useful to you and your team?

I focus on technology and our behavioural responses to it. Actually that is only a half truth. Technology may or may not be an outcome of any engagement we have. I don’t know that until we have talked and you have been given time to explain what barrier you are trying to overcome?

I work entirely independently.

Whilst I charge for some aspects of my work that is not the most rewarding part when compared to helping talented people achieve their potential and create change that makes a difference.

I help legal teams ask the right questions both internally and externally. I empower them to create an ongoing, confident momentum of change. Small progressive steps instead of huge complex leaps.

Thank you for visiting and if you would like me to share with you some insights please feel free to make contact in the form below. All enquiries are treat as confidential.