My name is Jon Busby. Welcome to my site.

There are lots of consultants out there so what makes me different and more importantly, useful?

I focus on technology and our behavioural responses (or non-responses) to it. Having worked for a number of legal software vendors I can also bring insight around how to create a successful implementation. I also increasingly advise legal software houses about how they should approach their audience to create a ‘pull’ sale rather than a ‘push’ one.

I have worked with in-house teams at some of the worlds most well known brands however the simple truth is that technology projects have a poor success rate. I want to help in-house teams overcome that. I want to help them research, prepare, select and execute a technology project well. It may sound surprising to some that successful deployments require minimal technology knowledge. It’s more about purpose, planning and leadership.

I’d like to help in-house teams ask the right questions both internally and externally to get the best and most sustainable solution.

Thank you for visiting and if you would like me to share with you some insights please feel free to make contact in the form below. All enquiries are treat as confidential.