I’ve highlighted this piece from Ken Grady because it says so much in (relatively) few words about one of the problems of legal tech. (I’d add that if you want to have a good understanding of the challenges facing legal regarding tech then Ken’s blog should probably be top of your go to list (Link to this post here)

“Here, we can turn to technology. A firm without technology today is a firm that isn’t in the game. Solution: sign up some vendors, issue a press release, and now you are a tech savvy firm. We will gloss over some facts. Few (maybe none?) of the lawyers in the firm know how to use the tech. Most, will refuse to use it on their matters. Understanding the tech and using it intelligently may have been implied in the press release, but are not part of the firm’s reality.”

[Same logic can be applied to corporate.] So the question isn’t about technology. It’s about why technology isn’t used or used well. In other words the challenge isn’t about AI or machine learning, it’s about what people will and won’t use and why that is. In a word; behaviour. And that is a fundamental debate that needs to be had between buyers and vendors of technology if progress and change is to be managed. And that debate needs to be open, realistic and very honest.

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