by Jon Busby on 09/21/2010

Sharing is good. Sharing is two way. Sharing is all about listening and understanding.

Push selling and marketing is more or less dead and buried. As a sales professional, I am not mourning its passing. Why? Because one of the joys of selling should be about solving people’s problems. As you know, solving people’s problems feels pretty good.

In fact, it feels so good that I created this separate page just to emphasise that point. What do I mean?

I see little value in you being drowned in information. So I try to be brief and to the point focusing on what I think could be valuable.

To solve problems we need to understand what that problem is. We understand by sharing. If I have a solution then it is my job to communicate that to you. If I don’t have a solution then I will tell you that and will try and find an alternative person who can do the solving for you. Exactly the same as you.

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